Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to Kinemedics!

This is my inaugural post for Kinemedics. I suppose I should start by describing who I am, and why you should care about anything I might be saying.

As to who I am, my name is Gary P. Chimes. My primary role is an academic physician who specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. That probably doesn't mean anything to most people- to be honest, I am not sure what it means either (since my interests are not particularly concordant with many other people who have the same titles).

The main things that interest me, and the things I am likely to blog about are:
1. Helping people exercise throughout their lifetimes
2. The use of exercise as the treatment for most medical conditions
3. Recognizing how different demographic factors affect the ability to exercise- in particular, examining how gender and age affect our ability to exercise
4. Improving the quality of communication between patients and their physicians
5. Improving the quality of medical education

1 comment:

Gautam M said...

It's about damn time.
I'm psyched to see how this goes.