Sunday, June 27, 2010

P90X, Muscle Confusion, Playing with Kids

Lots of people ask me about P90X

There's lot to like about it.  The main benefits, as I see it are:
1. It commits you to exercising frequently
2. It varies the workout so that you create "muscle confusion," so that your muscles do not know what to expect

There is another great way to get both of these health benefits- playing with kids.  I thought about this while playing catcher for one of my nephews.  From a workout perspective, it was great- it forced me to perform what was probably several hundred squats.  I would never have done this of my own volition, but it made my nephew happy, so it made me happy.

It was a great workout, but even more importantly, it helped connect me to a very important part of my community, namely my family.

I think this is very valuable to keep in mind if you are a parent and trying to figure out how to be a good parent and devote time to your kids while staying active yourself- be active together.  It's win, win for everybody.

It also helps create a better world.  It creates a world where your kids admire your activity, public use spaces are given priority, joyfulness is connected to activity.  That's the kind of world that has downstream benefits.

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